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Control for bottle and container transport
SBC Austria GmbH, Antiguan Brewery Ltd.,Antigua & Barbuda, Karibik

Steuerung für Flaschen- und Gebindetransport A bottling plant, in the midst of the idyllic Caribbean island Antigua, is run automated by our control system. The different conveyor units like air-carriers, bottle and roll conveyors are controlled continuously in the process with frequency converters by profibus and a Simatic-S7 to keep the dynamic pressure as low as possible and to use the surface area best possible.

Automation technology for heat recovery plant
Marienhütte GmbH (Stahlerzeugung, Graz)
Energie Graz GmbH & Co KG, Fernwärmenetz Graz

Automatisierungstechnik für Wärmerückgewinnungsanlage From pusher type furnace and melting furnace the generated waste heat is recovered with several air/water- and water/water-heat exchangers and it is fed in the district heating network of Graz temperature- and flow-controlled with up to 4 pumps (overall pump performance ca. 300 kW). Several S7-300 CPU’s, a 15“-Touchscreen respectively a control system linked with Modbus take care of the fully automated control and regulation of the frequency converters, ball cocks and regulating.

Control technique for bottle conveying machinery
Aqua Deus, Spanien
in Kooperation mit der SBC GmbH, Wr.Neustadt

F?deranlage Mineralwasserabf?lung At the southern Spain mineral water filling plant 5l-bottles are filled at this PET-line. The conveyor control regulates band velocities and hauling distances according to storage situation automatically from the type blow-molding machine to palletization. The control is carried out with a S7-300 control with clear words control panel OP77B and MoviMot frequency converter.

Radiant heater control for roll coating
Voith Paper GmbH, Wimpassing, Nö

F?deranlage Mineralwasserabf?lung For the curing process of artificial resin coated rolls, which are suitable inside paper machines, there are ceramic radiant heaters installed with an overall performance of 220 kW. Altogether 12 optical infrared temperature sensors messure the roll temperature and are separated in zones to correct the heat performance by thyristor controller. All control functions (program controller with many rise and holding times) are provided with 2 S7-300 controls and operator panels. There are 2 screen recorders built in for the logging of the measuring data and they export the data to a database.