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Bottle composer - Cardboard packing line
Weingut J & A Schachenhuber GmbH, Niederrußbach, Nö

Verpackungsanlage für 'Fassadenpaneele

In this completely newly developed cardboard packaging facility, the 0.375l to 1.5l wine bottles are to be packaged in a specific box. The boxes are closed with hot glue, which makes the boxes stable and look better. The half automatic grip displacement provides for revolutionary investment security; only with few handles is it possible to set up a new product size, which is continually scalable. This makes the packaging site ideal for bottling companies with smaller batch sizes and accordingly frequent product change. The facility is designed for a packing output of about 3,000 bottles per hour. A subsequent palletizer would compliment the fully automatic packing line.

Four axle Palletizer for wine boxes
Weingut J & A Schachenhuber GmbH, Niederrußbach, Nö

Verpackungsanlage für 'Fassadenpaneele

Verpackungsanlage für 'Fassadenpaneele

The fully automatic palletizer consists of three linear axis and a swivel axis grabs up to 3 boxes at the same time with it's twelve vacuum exhausters to palletize a europallet. The palletizing factory also comprises a pallete haul track for an automatic pallete exchange with uninterrupted production . The best part of the innovative vacuum exhauster is that open boxes can be stacked on top of each other and can be positioned without problem on the palette. Depending on the adjusting pattern, the palletizer has an output of about 3000 bottles/ hour or 500 boxes/ hour.

Packaging facility with palletizer for veneer panels
Theysohn Extrusionstechnik GmbH, Korneuburg

Verpackungsanlage für 'Fassadenpaneele

The profile from a plastic extrusion plant is rotated by a servo-driven turning arm in the correct position with an easily programmableadjusting pattern laid in a box. Later the box is automatically closed, bound and labelled on the top and long sides. The closed boxes are stackedby a 2 axle palletizer. The robotic palletizer has four vacuum exhausters and can handle boxes up to 80kg.

The factory is in Russia and serves as the producer of the profile, which is needed for building homes, mainly in Russia and America.

2 axle palletizer for boxes
SCA Hygiene Products GmbH Ortmann, Nö

The boxes are filled with napkins or other similar paper products and sealed. Depending on the pre-selected product on the control panel, two or three boxes are aligned and arranged on the conveyer. The palletizer with a 12 vacuum exhauster lifts the boxes from the conveyer, checks the adhesion on the bottom of the boxes in perfect position on the europe pallete. The course of movement is steered by a S7 - steering and frequency converter.

Palletizer for bottle pack bottles in high quality steel bags
Euro-Med Laboratories Phil. Inc., Cavite/Manila, Philippinen

Beladestation für Edelstahltassen Plastic bottles are placed on a conveyor belt in a positioning station. The gantry robot (3-axis Palletiser) picks up the bottle series and rearranging them in cups. After the Cup is full, the palletizer stacks an empty Cup ontop and starts over with loading bottles. After the loading of 4 cups, the whole cup assemble is taken out of the station and the empty cup car is brought into the loading position. 2 Loading stations for each 2,000 bottles per hour.

Rotatable manipulator for tin can crushers
Gebrüder Reichsfeld Ges.m.b.H. & Co, Korneuburg, NÖ

Schwenkmanipulator für Blechdosenrümpfe A belt conveyer takes the lying tin cans out of the automatic welding machine and the longitudinal welds are arranged on top. With the manipulator, the body of the can is frontally pneumatic collected and rotated 180°. When the tin can is painted the weld seam is on the bottom.
Maximum weight body: 1kg
Output: 10 pieces/ minute