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Palette Transportt
CASTROL Austria GmbH Wr.Neudorf, Nö
The cardboard on the palettes are fed by the roadway of the film wind-up unit and automatically wrapped with or without a cover. The wrapped palettes are conveyed in sequence through a fire control gate by the corner turntable and chain conveyer to the forklift.
Conveying Machine for workpiece carrier with a circuit board Siemens SIMEA GmbH Werk Siegendorf, Burgenland
Förderanlage für Werkstückträger mit Leiterplatten

The workpiece carrier with electronic assembly are taken to testing machines to be tested. If they are found in good order, they will be transported to packing stations to be packed. Those that do not hold up to standards are then discharged. The empty workpiece carriers are taken to the underground level back to the assembly line after packaging by vertical transportation. The electronic assemblies are assembled for household appliances.

Conveying Machine with lift for toolboxes
Hilti Austria GmbH Zentrallager Wien
Förderanlage mit Lift für Werkzeugkästen The well named “Hilti Koffer,” filled with every imaginable high quality power tool are put on the conveying machinery in the commission stocks. They are transported to the sampling point in the Showroom by a chain conveyor, guide rail and vertical transportation.
Pallet conveying machine with two lifts
LEONI Studer Hard AG, Schweiz
Palettenförderanlage mt Lift

With this twin facility, the pallets stored in the underground level are fed to the ground level and placed on the conveyer belt. The material handling equipment and palette lift function completely automatic. All gears are equipped with frequency converters for smooth movement.

Technical details:
stroke height: 5 meters
pallet weight: maximum 1000kg
output: 120 palettes / hour

Pallet conveying system with lift 12m
Dr.Oetker, Ungarn
Palettenförderanlage mt Lift

This conveyor with pallet lift for a renowned food group is completely made ​​of stainless steel. The loading and unloading of pallets carried by forklift and pallet stackers. The conveyor system is designed so that laterally overloaded pallets can also be transported. It is designed as a buffer line, so that up to 10 pallets can be stored. The pallet lift takes up to 1200 kg goods in between the floor and the 12.5m higher lying 2nd floor with a speed of up to 0.6 m/s.
The separation of the elevator shaft is done with also automatically controlled high-speed doors. Overall performance of the system is 50 Pal. /h


Pallet conveying machine with pallet lift
Fritz Oswald GmbH Werk Prebensdorf, Steiermark
Palettenförderanlage mt Lift By use of an elevating platform truck, one to two palettes are taken to the in feed roller conveyer. Equipped with the appropriate sensor system and frequency controlled gears, pallets as large as 1400 x1400x2500mm loaded with boxes are automatically transported to the pallet lift. The pallet lift goes to the ground level to be filled, and to the underground level to be emptied. During the time the lift travels, the pallet storage space is automatically filled in order to save time. Running surface speed: up to 30 meters / minute, output roughly 3 pallet / minute.
Pallet lift, 8 meters
Longobardi GmbH / Eso Branzol GenbH, Südtirol
Palettenaufzug 8m

By use of an elevating platform, at least one pallet is placed on the platform and taken either up or down on the lift.

Technical details:
height: 8 meters,
lifting capacity: up to 2500kg
output: 2 passes / minute


Pallet lift 500kg
Odelga Handelsges.m.H., Wien

The pallet lift is in a constructional bay and its job is to assimilate and feed the palettes and other products between the ground floor and underground floor. The bay doors are massive and holohedral, which makes the lift easy on the eyes

Technical details:

stroke height: 3,25 meters
lifting capacity up to 500kg
speed: 9 meters / minute
platform size: 1300x1000mm


Pallet lift 1500kg
Deutsch-Holländische Tabakfabrik / Hockenheim, Deutschland

This configuration of pallet lift with a double mast doesn't need much space and is very practical when little space is available.

Technical details:

stroke height: 5,5 meters
lifting capacity: up to 1500kg
speed: 9m / minute
platform size: 1400x1400mm


Conveying system with junk manipulator for hot sheet metal
Böhler Bleche GmbH Werk Hönigsberg, Steiermark

Förderanlage mit Schrottmanipulator für Heißbleche The hot sheet metal that comes out of the straightening machine is brought from the chain cross conveyer to the cutting runway and then aided to the surveying station. After measuring and submitting the cutting data. The sheet metal is then positioned and cut. Scraps are tipped into a preselected container but the manipulator. Finished sheet metal is taken to the cooling bed and cooled to 300° , then laid in storage. Completely automatic regulation with S7-400, touch panel, and decentralized profibus circumference. Sheet metal length: 1.5 – 13 meters, sheet metal thickness: 8 – 260mm, weighs up to 3000kg, conveyer speed up to 70 meters / minute
Conveyer system for steel profile
Frankstahl, Rohr- und Stahlhandelsges.m.b.H., Guntramsdorf, NÖ
Förderstraße für Stahlprofile Frankstahl, Rohr- und Stahlhandelsges.m.b.H., Guntramsdorf, NÖ With a lateral feed positioned into a saw, designed for a steel profile for up to 6000kg and 12 meters long, equipped with front and side positioning stops, operated hydraulically, bearings mounted in the pedestal. Bearing size: 160x14mm
Carrying chain conveyer for sterilizing constuctions
B.Braun Medical SA, Crissier/Geneve, Schweiz
Tragkettenförderer für Sterilisierungsanlage A three piece chain conveyer for steel palettes, loaded with plastic bottles. Each palette weighs about 1200kg. The start up of the palettes by way of corner conveyer to a pile of eight palettes, transported in and out of the autoclave over a swing bridge with an attached chain conveyer. The total conveyer street is about 24 meters.
Barrel transport for paint filled buckets
Amonn Coating GmbH, Korneuburg
Gebindetransport für lackbefüllte Eimer

The empty buckets are taken to a filling machine. After the bucket is filled with paint and sealed, the bucket is taken by a stainless steel hinge joint chain band conveyer through a fire protection street and finally to a packaging facility. The facility is explosion protected, Ex-Zone 2

Roll conveyer for sterilizing constructions
Fresenius Kabi Italia SpA,
Isola della Scala/Verona, Italien

Rollenbahnen für Sterilisierungsanlage Roll conveyer in front, in and behind an autoclave, equipped with a front feeding and extraction mechanism (rack and pinion drive, length about 23 meters) fur the start up of 12 steel plates (each weighing about 1200kg) and extraction of the entire pile. Total haul way about 30 meters, double that in a twin facility..